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Appearances With Newick Folk = Steve Brown, Jem Cooper, Martin Horsfall, Roland Batty, Karn Broad

Crown Sessions, Newick Every first Sunday of the month and at Rose and Crown Fletching every 3rd Wednesday

1st and 9th September

4th and 21st October


Ceilidh - private function 17th July

Wedding Copsale 22nd August

Townings Farm weekend 5th and 6th September

Surrey Hills Wood Fair - 4th October

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Appearances with Just Tina

1st August - Horsham Rugby Club

6th August - Savannah - Haywards Heath

We had the fourth of these at the Crown in Newick last Sunday. We’ve been running these the first Sunday of the month since the beginning of the year. Generally we turn up to play at about 8.30 and carry on till they kick us out – usually about 11.30. The same team did the grand finale at the Bull open mic on Tuesday with a spirited rendition of the Wild Rover.

Here’s the video of the team in action – it gives a good feel of what its like.

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