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Appearances With Newick Folk = Steve Brown, Jem Cooper, Martin Horsfall, Roland Batty, Karn Broad

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Ceilidh - private function 17th July

Wedding Copsale 22nd August

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Surrey Hills Wood Fair - 4th October

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Appearances with Just Tina

1st August - Horsham Rugby Club

6th August - Savannah - Haywards Heath

We had another session at the Brand Network this week in which we were looking at how do you get the rebranding of a company right. Since we were using Ecademy as a case study with the people who managed it talking to the massed wisdom of the brand professionals, my partner in crime, Mark Wing, suggested we might do a song to lighten the mood and get us off to a good start. There’s a live film of this floating about somewhere but until it surfaces, here is It Ain’t Easy. Eagles fans may find it strangely familiar 😉

Next outing of the Music in Marketing experience is on 16th December for a Business Networking group.

Basically I’ll be using some well known tunes to illustrate some basic principles of marketing and communication. Things like how to tell a story in a couple of verses like in Sunny Afternoon, how to build a consistent image around an overarching idea – like the Rolling Stones did with suburban sleaze, how to get your materials embedded into other peoples work – as Dylan did, and how successful covers can build a reputation by being known, liked and followed. We’ll also take a look at how Jazz is a parallel for brand guidelines and how hooks are like musical logos. We’ll end up thinking about how the practice of music mirrors the kind of offline/online integration that goes with marketing in this strange 21st Century.

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