Recent and upcoming gigs

Appearances With Newick Folk = Steve Brown, Jem Cooper, Martin Horsfall, Roland Batty, Karn Broad

Crown Sessions, Newick Every first Sunday of the month and at Rose and Crown Fletching every 3rd Wednesday

1st and 9th September

4th and 21st October


Ceilidh - private function 17th July

Wedding Copsale 22nd August

Townings Farm weekend 5th and 6th September

Surrey Hills Wood Fair - 4th October

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Appearances with Just Tina

1st August - Horsham Rugby Club

6th August - Savannah - Haywards Heath

Current appearances

As well as the usual appearances with Newick Folk, I have been collaborating with a couple of Newick Folk members to create repertoire that is part jazz trio and part 50s rock and roll / blues. I’m working with Boogie demon Roland Batty on keys and Karn Broad on Bass.

Roland and I did a trial run at Newick Primary School fete at which we played San Francisco Bay Blues, The Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square, Blueberry Hill, Rave on / Bye bye love etc.

This coming Saturday Karn and I are doing a 2 hour Flower Power set at a friend’s party covering standards like Light My Fire, Flowers in the Rain, Mellow Yellow, Lucy in the sky with Diamonds and other rockers from the locker.

Look out for more info on forthcoming gigs here and on Facebook

Finally Karn and I are appearing as part of Just Tina at the Horsham Rugby Club Summer Tribute on 1st August

Summer Tribute featuring Just Tina at Horsham Rugby Club 1st August

Summer Tribute featuring Just Tina at Horsham Rugby Club 1st August

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