Recent and upcoming gigs

Appearances With Newick Folk = Steve Brown, Jem Cooper, Martin Horsfall, Roland Batty, Karn Broad

Crown Sessions, Newick Every first Sunday of the month and at Rose and Crown Fletching every 3rd Wednesday

1st and 9th September

4th and 21st October


Ceilidh - private function 17th July

Wedding Copsale 22nd August

Townings Farm weekend 5th and 6th September

Surrey Hills Wood Fair - 4th October

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Appearances with Just Tina

1st August - Horsham Rugby Club

6th August - Savannah - Haywards Heath

Sessions and Jams

Sussex is the land of the amateur musician with open mics, clubs and sessions all over the place.

Places I know to be good are

6 Bells Chiddingly – every 2nd Tuesday – bluesy but quite varied.

Bull, Ditchling. – every last Sunday of the month. Mainly traditional but there is a lurking trad jazz feel that regularly surfaces as a “Mardi Gras Morris” fusion. Has to be seen to be believed.

Kendal, Brighton. Run by my old chum Rhiannon Hill – more rock but eclectic also.

And now our two local events.

The Bull, Newick – run by Andy Millen every Tuesday. Feel different every week depending on who’s there – the centre for the night might be hendrixy, jazzy, folky or blues-y – you never can tell.

And last but not least – our very own folk session at the Crown in Newick run co-operatively by Jem Cooper, Martin Horsfall Steve Brown and your humble correspondent. Here is the team in action at the Bull open Mic. There will be a small prize for anyone who can guess what song we’re singing here.

The Crown Team in action

The boys from the Crown - what's the song?